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Russian open sandwich with seledka (lightly salted fish)
Types of Sandwiches How to Make a Delicious Sandwich How to Fry Bread
Open Sandwich with Red Caviar Sandwich with Smoked Salmon Sandwich with Steamed Salmon
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  Russian open sandwich with seledka (lightly salted fish)  
Sandwich with burger
Sandwich with ham and mustard
Sandwich with ham & apple
Sandwich with chicken & pineapple
Sandwich with roasted pork & horseradish
Sandwich with roasted pork & pickled cucumber
Bruschettas with Griddled Tomatoes
Sandwich with cottage cheese & radish
Sandwich with cottage cheese & spring onion
Sandwich with egg & mayonnaise
Sandwich with fish, red pepper & spring onion
Sandwich with feta
Sandwich with feta, radish & onion

English Classic:

Sandwich with Bacon, Lettuce & Tomatoes (BLT)

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