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Stuffed Masgouf ready for roasting in the oven


Masgouf (Arabic: مسگوف) is a traditional Iraqi dish. Itis an open cut fish grilled and spiced with salt, pepper and tamarind. While keeping the skin on, it is then brushed with olive oil.

Traditional garnishes for masgouf include chopped onions and tomatoes, as well as the clay-oven flatbreads common to Iraq and much of the Middle East.

After marinating the fish, it is then placed on wooden sticks and then barbecued for a long time usually taking between one and three hours depending on the size of the fish. It's often done on a large flame. After the fish is well cooked and crispy, it is often sprinkled with the juice of a lemon, ready to be served.

Like many other Iraqi dishes it is usually served with rice, along with salad and pickles.

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