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Sandwich with Bacon, Lettuce & Tomatoes (BLT)

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Your favourite bread 2 slices
Mayonnaise 40 g
Rashers back bacon 2 slices
Sliced tomato 4 slices
Lettuce 1-2 leaves


  • Fry bacon. If you prefer very crispy bacon, choose thinner slices to fry up. Pour or baste off the fat as it accumulates in the pan. Use medium to medium-low heat. Cook slowly, turning often, to render out the most fat and help reduce shrinkage. Pricking with a fork will help alleviate any curling problems. Drain bacon on paper towels;

  • Spread the mayonnaise onto each slice of bread;

  • Lay tomato slices over mayonnaise onto one slice of bread;

  • Lay cooked bacon over sliced tomato;

  • Wash and spin two lettuce leaves. Arrange lettuce on top of bacon;

  • Place second slice of bread on top and slice sandwich in half for easy handing.

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